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March 23, Shandong Province Venture Association Spring Action - Dongying rubber tire industry exchange of low-carbon energy technology will be held at the Blue Ocean International Hotel.
Municipal Committee, attended the meeting and addressed the Mayor Zhang Jianhua. Provincial Association executive vice president of business plum India, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation Shandong Branch General Manager Yan Ming Palace, the National Tire Technology and Control Research Center, the soft snow Control Co., Ltd., Yuan Zhong, attended the meeting.

Zhang Jianhua representative of municipal government, Members of the participating leaders, experts welcome and outlined the situation in our city. Zhang Jianhua said that last year, the State Council officially approved the "eco-efficient Yellow River Delta Economic Zone Development Plan", marks the formal development and construction of the Yellow River Delta up the national strategy. Dongying Yellow River Delta as the center of the city and the construction of efficient ecological economic zone the core area, will make every high ecological orientation, in accordance with the "three industries linkage, economic and social integration, development of protection both man and nature" concept, a firm does not shift to the development of efficient ecological economy, the Ecological road of civilized development, actively cultivate a strategic new industry, Jiakuaiyunyong advanced transformation Tishengzhuantong industry, 尽快 Constructs the efficient ecological economic model Ou, Zai transfer mode, transfer structure, etc. forerunner in the country.

Zhang Jianhua, said rubber tire industry is focused on cultivating the pillar industry of Dongying to the private economy with mass more prominent, but rather scattered competitiveness are not strong enough. Dongying City is relying on rubber tire industry associations, procurement, research and development, marketing and other aspects to speed up integration, further reform and improve the industrial level of rubber tires. Control Co., Ltd. Qingdao soft rubber tires as a leading information technology equipment manufacturing enterprises, scientific and technological strength, especially in low-carbon technology and equipment research and development has achieved fruitful results. The exchange of low-carbon energy technology will be held in Dongying, not only technical discussions and exchange, it is deep-level cooperation talks, will rubber tire industry, our city has played a great role in promoting. Dongying City will take this opportunity to actively build cooperation platform, to accelerate the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, rubber tire industry to promote the transition to a low carbon energy conservation efforts in the country one step ahead.

Indian plum speech outlined in the provincial business Association of the situation and said it would give full play to its role as the Yellow River Delta Economic Zone efficient ecological make a positive contribution.

National Tire Technology and Control Research Center technical report made by the researchers.

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