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BEIJING, Jan. 17, Jinan Xinhua: International Auto Parts Exhibition cum rubber tire industry and become a global concern
- To visit the Council Chairman Mr. Liu Fanghui

President's Hu Honglin Zhang

Not long ago, the world's top 75 tire enterprises ranked among the Japanese Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Italy, Japan, Sumitomo Rubber, Korea Kumho have replied to the "2010 China (Guangrao) International Rubber tires cum Auto Parts Exhibition, "the organizing committee, said it will participate in this year's May 9 to 11 held in Shandong Guangrao International Auto Parts Exhibition rubber tires. China news agency reporters Wei Cizhuan and Men Caifang the contractor This exhibition of Shandong Province Council Chairman Mr. Liu Fanghui.

Participants made a number of international giants looking forward to the exhibition

Liu president in office, he has undertaken in a number of large-scale international exhibition of middle-aged man has been quiet in the excitement of the good news. He told the China news agency reporters, international rubber tire giant is not only well-known foreign company participation, the world's 75 strong domestic White Qingdao Double Star Tire, Qingdao Yellow Sea Rubber, Beijing Capital Tire, Guizhou Tyre, solid platinum have also written a mountain tire Organizing Committee, to show a style show. He introduced to the world top 75 tire companies in the 19 mainland enterprises, 11 enterprises have been established exhibitors. This reflects the number of exhibitors, grade and degree of internationalization.

Moreover, Germany's third largest chemical companies, specialty chemicals in the field of winning the first world record Degussa, based in large multinational Bekaert Group in Belgium, South Korea a machine, Siemens, SMC, etc. from the 150 China, the United States, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, India, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan more than 10 countries and regions exhibiting companies and more to show bright scene, full of expectations.

Liu will be said at present, by the CCPIT and the Shandong provincial government hosted the show has confirmed that 150 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, exhibitors intention 135; confirm the participants and the larger well-known large-scale procurement of more than 300 companies , of which foreign enterprises Michelin, Bridgestone, continental tires, solid platinum tires, Hankook tires, Lanxess, Germany, DuPont China, Apollo Tyres, Tyre Traders Australia, Japan, Daiso Co., Ltd.. The number of domestic and foreign buyers has reached more than 1,000 people. Shanghai Volkswagen, Chang'an Automobile, Dongfeng 2 gas, China Heavy Duty Truck, when the wind Group, Great Wall Motor, Nanjing Automobile, Beijing Hyundai, a large number of very high reputation in domestic and foreign buyers have expressed a high-profile participants.

Shandong to Host International Auto Show has emboldened rubber tires

The third contractor in Japan and South Korea Zengyin exchange and reputation in industry of Shandong Province, CCPIT Chairman of view, rubber tires, Shandong host the 2010 International Auto Show comes as the return of Name: "China is the world's rubber tires and auto parts producing country, exporting countries and consuming countries, while the production of tire production in Shandong account for about 40% of domestic output, is a real tire production in mainland China province. "

Liu will tell reporters, in 2008, Shandong tire production and export volume accounted for 50% of the national tire sale of the top 10 enterprises in Shandong on the possession of five, in the province are triangular, exquisite, a mountain, binary, etc. 13 brand enterprises in China, Shandong in the first half of this year to reach 6 million car ownership, ranked second, the market potential.

"Can not underestimate the international rubber tire auto parts exhibition venue Guangrao." Liu, president of the reporters said, Guangrao not only is an important production base of rubber tires and export base, or the national auto parts export base and development of friction materials manufacturing base. Domestic enterprises above designated size reached over 40 rubber tires, of supporting more than 10 companies, more than 20 auto parts companies, "Shandong rubber tires and raw material inspection and testing center" and "Shandong wheel and brake inspection and testing center" based in county.

Guangrao County has been included in national development strategies of the Yellow River delta south of ancient Chinese soldiers in the hometown of Saint-Sun Wu. Currently, among the nation's comprehensive strength Guangrao hundred county, and Shandong No. 37 and No. 17 of 30 county. In 2008, the county's rubber tires and auto parts industry, sales of more than 27.2 billion yuan, output value of more than 37 billion yuan.

Liu will be said in April last year, Shandong provincial government issued a "adjust the tire industry in Shandong Province, the revitalization plan" to promote the health of Shandong and orderly development of the tire industry. Now, Shandong has already formed the center of medium above Guangrao tire auto parts cluster, to Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai focused clusters and the large rubber tires to rubber chemicals business into pieces southwest development pattern. He believes that the ability to run the show in Shandong.

Media attention as a successful propellant Show

Liu will be said that the exhibition organizing committee on November 2 last year in Beijing Mei, Media Center held a "2010 China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Parts Exhibition," a press conference after the meeting the progress of attention by the media . Shandong Satellite TV, CCTV and conducted a series of reports, "China Chemical Industry News", "China Automotive News", "tire industry," "China Rubber Industry", "automobile and accessories", "modern automobile industry", "rubber resources", "tire market," "China Tire Resources Comprehensive Utilization", "Auto Parts and Equipment", and other professional publications are a comprehensive report. BEIJING, People, China Economic Net, Dazhong, China Exhibition Net, China Automotive Network, the Asian network of automotive supplies, auto parts network in the world, China's auto parts business network, the modern rubber nets more than 50 network media are all The extensive attention of reports, the organizing committee with Baidu, Google has links to two search engines.

Liu will tell reporters, in addition to the mainstream media outlets, India, Germany, Britain, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and other 8 countries and regions of media will report this Jinxing round. He said that the media in major international markets in the various reports, will enhance the show's popularity, boosting the impact event. (END)

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