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According to the U.S. International Trade Commission's recommendation, the U.S. government may start in September this year, for three consecutive years on tire imports from China imposed Zuigao 55% of the special safeguard tariffs, tariff levels are currently normal for about 3%.

By the China Rubber Industry Association and the domestic tire manufacturers and other officers, a private lobbying group on August 3 was rushed to the United States, against the United States "for three consecutive years of Chinese tires to levy high tariffs" to defend regarding the complaints and also They will also attend the August 7 hearing on the case.

Chinese-made tires the past two years about 40% of exports, one third of exports to the U.S. market, exports to nearly 22 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for consumption in the U.S. market to 17%.

China Rubber Industry Association, Fan Rende: "If the United States to take such special protection, other countries may follow, so the formation of a worldwide trade protection melee, so we firmly oppose."


U.S. tire war, making China's tire industry is facing serious challenges. In fact, in recent years the rapid development of China's tire industry, but can not cover up the development of many problems and embarrassment, the tire war which takes these issues into sharp highlights in front of us.

8 kinds of Chinese tires embarrassment:

Frequently anti-dumping: Chinese tire exports around the world, but frequently disguised anti-dumping and other trade protection measures (such as the U.S. current plans to impose special safeguard China's tariffs on tires), particularly in recent years, and intensified;

Lost to foreign brands of domestic market: China's largest auto parts exports each year is often the tires, but the Chinese tire market been Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, continental, Kumho, Hankook, good communication, etc. Foreign brands account for most of the market share, the ambitions in the growing Chinese market, and some foreign brands to enter China later (such as Pirelli) offensive also Meng;

Large profits are thin: China's largest tire production, export volume, but not phase contrast to extremely low profit;

Intellectual property rights of the storm: Some tire companies in China started in the "imitation" international brand products, but because of the time was an international brand of intellectual property litigation;

Infighting: Chinese tire more, but did not concentrate on doing big things, but in the market competition, especially international markets, often competing pressure to make the "shot" benefit;

Brand missing: some Chinese-made tires local tire quality and comparable foreign capital, but is not hit into the Chinese market, foreign brands supporting system;

Car tires War: The Chinese can build a record of ultra mega tires, tires in construction machinery, in the car (car) tires are stretched;

Rubber production was insufficient: China annual consumption of rubber tire production great, but the Chinese domestic rubber production has always catch up, subject to import from abroad;

Waste tire processing backward on: the domestic second-hand and there are many waste tire processing practices can cause security risks, while real tire retreading remanufacturing industry is difficult to say the right track.

Dawn of adversity:

We can also see for the industry there are many problems with this embarrassment, the Chinese tire industry has taken a lot of improvement and response measures:

China's various trade protection measures should become more rational, more experienced. Learn foreign De approach to Deal with protectionism, according to international laws and customs Lai deal, and have formed the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Hangyexiehui, Qiyesanfang joint approach in which industry associations are playing an increasingly Zhong role, but Joint enterprises should not satisfactory;

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