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Development of China's tire industry. China has formed a relatively complete system of the tire industry; the production run, beginning in 2004, China has become the world's largest tire country. With China's tire industry, tire exports are steadily, began to tire exports in 2004 has made us the world first. In recent years, China's tire production technology continues to improve, meridian-based rates rising, meridian of 2006, rates have reached 64% or so.
After these years of development, although China is already the largest producer of tires, but not the tire production power. One important reason is that as a micro-foundation for the tire industry - tire companies are not strong. Outstanding performance relative international giants, domestic tire small scale enterprises; the same time, the state-owned tire companies need to raise their market position.
Development of the world's tire industry. In recent years, the world tire market in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, the three pillars of the tire industry is gradually transferred to the Asia-Pacific region, China has become the world's largest tire producer and major exporter. Future competition in the world tire market will focus on the car tire market, 2010 will become the world tire works tire industry is an important profit growth. Features from the world's tire industry to see: a large tire and grouping of growing; R & D efforts continue to strengthen innovation in large numbers; tire giant is focusing on brand building, brand building on that advantage in the enterprise is expected in the new one round of the competition.
Competitiveness of China's tire industry. We first design a measure international competitiveness of China's tire industry index system. On this basis, a static analysis and dynamic analysis to answer the industry trend of changes in competitiveness. Ultimately, we concluded that: China's tire industry has a strong international competitiveness; as the world tire industry to gradually shift to China, the Chinese tire industry's position in world markets gradually improve; with the technology level, the Chinese tire industry still a significant room for growth. Taken together, we give the tire industry "overweight" investment rating.
Company Analysis. Chapter in our company's focus on the tire companies - a brief analysis of Aeolus. November 2007, China formally entered the Aeolus Hao, future development will be subject Fengshen Haohua strategic layout. June 2, 2008, Aeolus notice, private placement on May 30 approved. Consider the substantive merger has already begun, do not take into account dilution factor, we expect the company's EPS is expected to reach 1.0 yuan this year, next year is expected to reach 1.5 yuan. We maintain Fengshen shares "buy" rating.
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