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     Service concept

Respect for the customer, understanding customers, continued to exceed customer expectations of products and services, so customers are always partners. This is what we have to uphold and promote the service concept.

First, every step, first thought a client

In the enterprise changes from the seller to the buyer's market, the customer had changed the concept. The face of many products (or services), customers are receptive to good quality product (or service). The quality here is not only the intrinsic quality of a product, including product packaging quality, service quality and a series of factors. Must be comprehensive, to meet customers needs.

◇ position like a customer instead of standing up the company's position in research, design and improve service.

◇ perfect service system, strengthen pre-sale, sale, after-sales service to customers in the use of the product appears to help solve various problems in a timely manner so that the customers are a great convenience.

◇ attaches great importance to customer feedback, so that customers in decision-making, to deal with customer feedback customer satisfaction as an important part.

◇ do everything possible to retain existing customers.

◇ establish all customer-centric mechanism. Where each agency's establishment, services, processes, changes, etc., must to Customer Need for the establishment of Kuaisufanying customer feedback mechanism.


Second, the customer is always right

First, the customer is buying the product, not a troublemaker;

Second, customers know their needs, preferences, this is precisely the information companies need to collect;

Third, customers are "natural coherence", argue that the same customer with all customer disputes.

Third, the three elements of customer satisfaction:

Product satisfaction: product quality refers to customer satisfaction.

Service satisfaction: customers purchased that product before, during and after a positive attitude. No matter how perfect, how reasonable the price, when it appeared in the market, must rely on services. "Create a permanent customer service."

Corporate image satisfaction: that the public enterprise comprehensive strength and the overall impression of the positive evaluation.

4, 5S Concept

  "5S" refers to "smile (SMILE), fast (SPEED), honest (SINCERITY), smart (SMART), research (STUDY)" five words in English acronym. "5S" concept is the most representative of a culture of service innovation, not only has the human characteristics of full age, also has considerable practical.

Smile: that modest smile. To be considerate of the customers mind, it may issue a real smile. Smile can reflect the heart and soul thank tolerant, cheerful smile can be performance, health and caring.

Quickly: that "rapid action", it has two meanings: one is the physical speed, which work as soon as possible, do not let customers wait too long; second presentation on the speed of the action in good faith, and caring heart would lead to customer satisfaction, so that they do not think that waiting too long to rapid dynamic motor performance, allow customers to wait is an important measure of good and bad service.

Sincere: If feel sincere dedication to customer service, customers must be able to understand. Not hypocritical attitude of sincere work, important basic attitude and the basic principles when dealing with others.

Smart: that "smart, clean, neat." Neat way to serve a customer, to smart, agile, graceful movements to packaged goods, with a flexible working attitude to get smart customers.

Study: To learn and master the time the tire and rubber product knowledge, research and respond to customer psychology and reception skills. Normally much effort research clients Di procurement requirements, sales and service skills, study more customers professional knowledge, will be in the reception somewhat increase the level of customer, Ye Bidingkuaiyou better the Result.

◇ We are engaged in business of course, first and foremost to make money, but not only for the money, but not greed, we pay more attention to the quality of our tires and our services.

◇ profit is a reward for quality services. The process of profit is like through the salutary influence of dedication to customer satisfaction in willingly in return, without complaint, full of gratitude money to us.

◇ Do not quick success, the service into an looting, extortion and fraud.

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