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     Corporate Culture

                                            Corporate Culture

Team spirit of our enterprise philosophy

The so-called corporate philosophy team, in short, the overall situation awareness, team spirit and a concentrated expression of the spirit of service. Corporate philosophy is based on respect for the individual team interests and achievements. Is the core of collaboration, the highest plane of all members of the centripetal force, reflecting the individual interests and general interests, thus ensuring efficient functioning of the organization. Philosophy teamwork Xing Cheng does not require team members to sacrifice themselves, on the contrary, sway 个性, showing expertise to ensure the members of the Gongtongwancheng Renwumubiao and predictable 协作 Yiyuan and collaborative manner Ze brings real inner power. Philosophy is the organizational culture of teamwork, good management of the organization through the appropriate form will be arranged to fit each person's job, give full play to collective potential. Without proper management culture, the mentality is not good business practice and dedication, there would be no concept of team business.

The role of business team concept

1. Object-oriented features

Philosophy teamwork, so that employees work together, pull together toward a goal of a single franchisee, the team aims to achieve that is the direction of his own efforts, the team down into the overall goal of homeopathic each small goal, every employee who implemented.

2. Functional cohesion

Any organization groups need a kind of cohesion, the traditional management practices in the administration from top to bottom through the organization of Ji Tong Zhi Ling, played down such personal feelings and social 心理 方面 demand, while business team Ze Li Nian groups through the right awareness, achieved through the formation of long-term practice habits, beliefs, motivation, interest and other cultural psychology, to communicate with people's minds, lead people to create a common sense of purpose, sense of belonging and identity, in turn, strengthen corporate Li Nian Zhu Jian team, generated a powerful cohesive force.

3. Excitation function

Philosophy teamwork required to rely on staff progress consciously strive with the best staff team in line. Achieved through the normal competition between the excitation function can be achieved, and this incentive is not simply stay on the basis of the material, but also recognized by the team, get the team the respect of other employees.

4. Control

Employees need to control individual behavior, group behavior is also need for coordination. Team spirit generated by the business philosophy of control, yes through team formed within a concept of power, atmosphere Ying Xiang, 去 constraint specification, control of individual workers 行为. This control is not a rigid top-down coercive power, but by the rigid control of the soft inside of control; the control of trade union behavior, steering control of trade union consciousness; short-term behavior of workers from the control, shift its values and long-term goals control. Therefore, this control is more lasting significance, and easy enjoys popular support.

 5, creating an atmosphere of mutual trust in the organization

There is a well-known bank, its managers in particular mid-level employees to empower themselves, to spend a month despite the marketing. Some people worry that people will overspend can be a matter of fact, the staff did not overspend, but to maintain a lot of customers, its performance as a banner of the industry. In contrast, some managers, the money very strict, for fear of other people spending money they do recklessly, the results are also staff in the dark by all means seek their own interests. There is also a joint venture operation of environmental protection materials, the general manager's office with the same general staff, all in an open hall, stand up for each ordinary employees could see the general manager is doing. Staff go out and purchase routine office supplies, in addition to the normal reimbursement, the company also paid a number of additional hard costs, the move put an end to the employees by committing fraud in mind. In both cases, we can learn to trust each other for each member of the organization, in particular, will increase the employees of the organization's emotional recognition. From the emotional trust, is an organization the most solid basis for cooperation, give employees a sense of security, the employee may actually agree with the company, the company as their own, and used as a stage of personal development.

6, attitude, and not everything

Liu Bei is a very focused attitude of the people, Highlighting please Kong Ming, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei to form with his best buddies, relations are of iron, but in the end it is a failure. Cao Cao regardless of attitude, the only people that give and succeed. Because the profit not the only attitude to win, but to rely on to. Attention to the attitude of the managers who are usually very heavy sense of authority people, if someone challenges his authority, not too comfortable on the inside. So, that attitude is everything the manager, first of all to reflect on their own employer attitudes, in assessing a person's ability, not only to consider their emotional needs without regard for the employees? Not feel that their authority had been the challenge of talent can not be accepted from the heart.

7 penalties in the organization be used with caution

From a psychological point of view, if you want to change a person's behavior, there are two tools: sanctions and incentives. Behavioral withdrawal penalty is negative, passive, the internal mechanism of the law is punished. Encourage a positive, proactive, can continue to improve efficiency. Appropriate penalties are positive, excessive punishment is ineffective, the abuse of corporate punishment certainly not a long time. Punishment is the negation of employees, an employee is often negative, how much enthusiasm will be gone. Employer's incentive and certainly help to increase the positive identification of employees of enterprises, employers frequently negative for the employees of the enterprise makes employees feel that they did not use, then employees will be no business.

8, establish effective communication mechanisms

Understanding and trust is not empty talk, often contrary to the management of a small misunderstanding caused endless trouble. One employee to resign, the employer said: "You can not Go on, you are very good, the practice is to exercise before you, I'll promote you, I would like to reward you, however, the employee is considered to be a lie, he sleepless nights of work, but we were not sucking high income, so how he calm! one would like to reuse the talent, a want to enterprises play their talents, just because poor communication and Fang Shi, very hurt. I once heard that a senior employee : "If the boss told me the truth earlier, I would not have left the company.

Talent Strategy

 "People-oriented, enterprise development talent is a source of strength." Sanna adhere character first, ability second only principle of choice has always been adhering to the virtuous talent, promote reuse; virtuous not only to foster the use; no German talent, restrict the use of; no virtue and talent, not the employing firm standards for each staff can give full play to their wisdom and intelligence arena.

    Companies using "treatment, feelings, cause" to attract, train people, retain people, so that each employee in the life sense of superiority, a sense of accomplishment in business, in the emotional sense of belonging, and to staff build a platform to achieve the value of life as one of the important mission enterprise, so that each employee to grow with the same blessing.
    Meanwhile, in the days of Thai culture under the influence of the atmosphere, the majority of Thai culture days into good faith, innovative, mutual respect, unity, cooperation, sharing of results, professional dedication, and full of responsibility, harmony and win-win feature.
    Honesty: Honesty is the first Paterson, Pepsi letter-based, faith is the day the core of Thai culture.
    Innovation: the old integration of new resources to play a greater role in the old resources. Innovation is the soul of Tian career, advancing with the times is the best embodiment of innovation.
    Respect: to establish an atmosphere of mutual respect, human relations, so that everyone felt great and noble, work experience in the meaning of life, so that everyone felt good sense of accomplishment.
    Cooperation: The be win-win cooperation is the day the principles of Thai people doing things.
    Share: be a great wisdom to share with others the wisdom that only have the power to share ideas, share experience, it is only light, no sharing, no team growth.
    Responsibilities: actively fulfill their job responsibility, social responsibility, the sense of responsibility as a driving force to achieve their life values.
    Harmony: Building a harmonious enterprise, to create unity, amity, vitality and vigor, harmony, and jointly promote the work of the atmosphere.

    We firmly believe that people venture is operating, that is, members of the management team grow up happy mood, the establishment of a learning team, the personnel work of educating people into work. I believe every one day Thai people can be happy at work, can work in happiness. In the days of Thailand this big stage, each and every staff enjoy displaying their talents and gain success and happiness, test and achieve their life values!

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